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Pleased to two Libyans Web techniques to the computer to make you exhibitors distinguished service in the area of computer and communications, by team engineers in this area, which located out of the company, hoping you humble contribution towards mechanization modern management for your distinguished as we are fully prepared to provide the following services :
Supply and installation of the latest computer hardware and all attachments and full readiness to provide any of these materials and the latest art in this area during the 48 hours only, if the provision in the Eternal warehouse or during four days in the case of supply from outside the Libyan required.

full readiness to conclude an annual maintenance contracts for all services supplied by us as well as devices that are currently available to you after engineers found it so Tdmnoa continuity of the work of these agencies in the best cases.
ready for the supply and installation of telephone exchanges, as well as advanced electronic office equipment and maintained through annual maintenance contracts.

provide you with respect by the integrated computer systems, which serve different warehouses, accounting, management and other disciplines all our ready or preparing new systems that serve Halolkm required by your desire, with the installation of such systems Bajhzatkm and train workers to use.
the installation of communication networks of local art equipment and the best operating systems operating in global markets such as: --
. Using the operating system, Windows NT server 2000 2003, Unix, Linux
. Installation of wireless networks of all kinds and forms, as we have the ability to supply equipment specifications World

It also provides the company the possibility of opening Internet subscriptions through satellite, according velocities required M Byte (128, 256512,1)

provide you prepare and design a Web site and Rule site contains general idea for a company or anybody can work site on the Internet and linked to the network computer.

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  Web Maintenance

We offer ongoing technical support for websites that change on regular basis. We charge on hourly basis.

Our maintenance covers the following:

  • Modifications to existing pages.

  • Creating new pages in HTML.

  • Debugging PERL scripts.

  • Fixing broken links.

  • Renewing domain name registration. More..



 The Executed works     


The company was Libyans design Web sites for the following companies:

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